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Sirvix was a San Jose, California based Ambient / Industrial / Noise band signed to Feedback Records - an experimental Sub Label of Decibel Records. Their sole release “Her Dead Love” was their interpretation of a soundtrack to Hell with a “composition” dedicated to each of the five rivers of hell, along with 6 other tracks. Their sound was for the most part dark and brooding.
The founding members were Edward Baichtal, and Mario Lima. Other members at various points of time included, Aaron Hatfield, Chris (Duckie), and Dean John Grenier. Occasionally other guest artists were included in the song creation process.

Mario is also a co-founder and core member of Terra Serpentis.

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All of these files are CD quality MP3. The individual tracks are between 3 and 7 MB each. The full archive is about 58 MB.




1. Sirvix Est Haec
2. The Dark Tide
3. Acheron
4. Cocytus
5. Phlegethon
6. Lethe
7. Styx
8. Lost
9. Voices
10. Feed The Nightmares
11. Firelights

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Tracks 1 - 11 Plus Album Art

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