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The Narcotic Trinket is the latest full length ambient-abstract release from Kathartes (John Harford). It is a trip through a crack in the corner of a room - to realms reminiscient of HP Lovecraft, Michael Moorcock, The Amityville murders and Luis Brunel. It is perhaps the most musically complete and complex of all of the ambient albums. A soundtrack to a waking (?) nightmare.

Kathartes is for now on hiatus. Though elements of the ambient music creep into the rest of John's video and music.

Released in 2008.

Reminiscient of industrial music, horror movie ambience, and black magic.


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Kathartes Myspace - Periodically Checked
Terra Serpentis - John's Medieval Music
John Harford - Photo and Visual Arts
Myrkwood - Writing by John


All of these files are CD quality MP3. The individual tracks are between 3 and 7 MB each. The full archive is about 50 MB.




1. Dream of a Forgotten City
2. Glimmers (Triangle, Trinket, Treasure 1)
3. A Voice in the Dark
4. Vision After the Sermon
5. The Visitor
6. Hounds Between the Cracks (Triangle,Trinket, Treasure 2)
7. Sleep's Basalt Spires (Night Terrors)
8. Waking in the Ancient Garden
9. The Crystal Altar
10. Bones and Brass (Triangle, Trinket, Treasure 3)
11. The Idol in the Ruins/Sothis

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Narcotic Trinket Tracks 1-11

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